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  • "Cummin' at You 3D is in a class by itself"


The 3D interactive menus in “Cummin’ at You 3D” allow complete freedom to make various choices along the way, and experience the adventure from either Tommy or Sindee’s point of view!  Those who prefer to just sit back and watch can choose the “ADVENTURE RANDOMIZER” for a completely unique & random experience every time.

Tommy Gunn & Sindee Jennings

The premium package of “Cummin’ At You 3D” includes professional grade glasses with special plastic lenses for superior 3D-separation and the best possible skin-tone reproduction in red/cyan anaglyph.

The ‘Cummin at You 3D’ DVD also includes side-by-side format video for use with stereoscopic playback software and new HD 3DTV home systems that utilize polarized glasses (just like at the movie theatre!)

Sindee Jennings & Riley Evans

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